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Our Programs

  • Do I need to complete forms in order for my child at attend camp?
    All campers must complete the necessary camp forms in order to participate in Summer Camps. These forms are required by both the County and the State — depending upon the location your child will attend camp. Forms (hardcopies) must be completed properly and brought to camp the first day and handed in upon sign-in, in order for your child to participate in activities. Forms may vary depending on camp location. Specific camp registration pages clearly outline the necessary forms for that program.
  • Are walk ups allowed and what is the walk up registration procedure?
    Walk Ups are permitted, but be sure to check the website or call the office to confirm that space is available as many camps and many weeks sell out. We encourage parents to register for camp in advance, but we understand that for unforeseen reasons, parents sometimes need to register at the last minute.
  • Is there financial aid or scholarships?
    Yes, please contact our office for further details about how to qualify and apply for assistance..
  • Can my child go half days or partial weeks for a pro-rated rate?
    There is NO PRO-RATING camp session. Regardless of number of camp days you can or wish to attend, registration must be paid in full. Partial attendance is allowed if you are willing to pay for the whole session and only attend part. We don’t recommend this, because you only experience our real “product” if you attend the full session.
  • What happens if my child is absent or accumlates unattended days during the course of camp?
    There is no refund or credit for unattended days. Unattended days cannot be transferred to future camps.
  • Do I have to choose consecutive weeks?
    One of our goals is to be as flexible as possible for our participating families. You may attend any number of weekly sessions in any order that suits your family’s schedule..
  • What is the refund/cancellation policy?
    1. NO REFUNDS issued within 7 days prior to the first day of program/camp 2. You CANNOT MOVE WEEKS 7 days prior to first day of program/camp. Outside of 1 week prior to the first day of camp: Refund = MINUS 15% of registration fee Change Week Fee: $10.00 Change Week Fee
  • What are your camp counselor qualifications?
    Each staff member goes through an application process, interview, and background check. Each candidate is personally interviewed and carefully reviewed for knowledge in their area of expertise AND aptitude for instruction AND their love of kids. We look for individuals who are good with kids first, everything else second!
  • Who are your camp counselors (and how old are they)?
    Our Directors, Counselors, Coaches, and Instructors are required to complete On-line Training, Classroom Training, Field Training, and On-site Training in order to become a part of the Staff Team. Training includes child abuse prevention, emergency procedures, water safety, and our camp curriculum including sports, low-intensity activities, and games that incorporate values and sportsmanship. All staff members are adults over the age of 18 years and must pass a background check prior to employment.
  • What is the counselor to camper ratio?
    SFH has a 1:10 Instructor to Camper ratio. We focus on creating an environment where campers can take advantage of small group instruction. We want campers to be seen and heard, not only for safety purpose, but to also facilitate camper interaction and development.
  • Do parents get a camp schedule?
    Sample Schedule:
  • Is there a lost and found (pocket money/valuables warning)?
    SFH cannot be responsible for valuables brought to camp, (i.e. money, phones, iPads, jewelry, etc.) and suggests campers only bring necessary items. To minimize the chance of misplaced clothing and other items, PLEASE LABEL ALL CLOTHING AND OTHER PROPERTY CLEARLY. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR MISSING ITEMS. There will be a lost and found container at the Sign-In/Sign Out Station for all misplaced items each day. Check out the Lost and Found at any time, the Camp Director will be able to assist you. We collect a lot of stuff! We try to return marked items to campers during camp, and we always display lost and found items during dismissal. We are not able to store or keep these items past the summer. Anything left will be donated on the last day of the summer.
  • What is thge camp food allergy policy?
    Overtime Athletics Camps are peanut/tree nut and shell fish free programs.
  • What happens if my camper is sick or gets hurt?
    Parents will be notified by camp personnel if their child has not been feeling well for a period of time and does not seem to be getting any better. Moderate injuries will also be communicated to the parent once proper first aid has taken place. In the case of a severe injury needing professional medical attention, the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately.
  • What should my child bring to camp?
  • Does my child need a water bottle?
    Campers must bring a water bottle with their first and last name clearly marked on it. Please have it filled up upon arrival to camp. Campers will have access to water to continually fill their water bottles up throughout the day.
  • Will I receive additional information about camp after I register?
    Once you register and pay for your camp session(s), you will receive two emails - a confirmation email for your own records and an email receipt. Prior to the kickoff of the entire summer session, all registered families will receive an email reminder regarding the forms that must be completed in order to participate in camp. You will also receive a “pre-camp welcome email” the Wednesday prior to your week of camp which will include some reminders, logistical information, and a note regarding the behavioral expectations for each camper.
  • How are campers split up into groups?
    Campers are split up based on age group and ability.
  • Can my child be in the same group as their friend?
    Campers are assigned to groups according to their age. Due to the number of campers attending each week, we cannot guarantee that “buddy requests” can always be honored, but we encourage parents to speak to the On-Site Camp Director about their requests on the first morning of camp.
  • Do campers do the same activities every day?
    Having provided summer camp for over a decade, SFH knows that no two days of camp are alike. We do believe in a positive mix of camper input and staff decisions when it comes to developing the itinerary each day and week. Our goal every summer is to continually introduce new aspects, games, and activities to camp. Old favorites mixed with new options create the perfectly balanced camp recipe we strive for.
  • What is my child isn't into or doesn't like sports?
    For our traditional day camps, don’t be intimidated by the athletic portion of our camp day. We believe motion creates emotion. We want kids to move, we want kids to be exposed to new games and athletics skills, in both traditional and non-traditional sports. There is something for everyone, for every age of our campers, and for every skill level. There are no “bench-warmers” and if it’s not fun and not about fair play… we don’t do it.
  • Can I opt out of my child participating in any activity?
    We encourage every child to participate in every activity, however for those campsites with “special activities” to include swimming, ice skating, mobile video game unit, etc., parents may speak to the On-Site Camp Director about opting their child out of a “special activity”.
  • When is lunch time?
    Depending on the campsite, lunch is anytime between 11:30am and 1pm.
  • Do you offer transportation?
    No we do not
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